Architecture Corporate Identity

When the presence of architecture is in harmony with the forces of life, it requires a balanced and minimal identity to express its essence.

Power Tools Corporate Identity

A company that produces heavy duty equipment needed to change more than its logo. It needed a high-performance new identity.

Hannes Blanc Menswear Identity

This unique Swedish menswear company required a brand identity that would express its respect for tradition and elegance, through a modern, clean approach.

Melany Lane Fashion Brand Identity

A luxury shop from Moscow was searching for an identity to express its unique urban glam.

Random42 Medical Animation

A company which designs medical animation for top level research institutes in the US needed a new identity. We decided to avoid all predictable or already tested routes.

Strategi Consulting Identity

A technology consulting firm asked us to develop a whole new identity, that would instantly express what they do: simplifying, organizing and accessing large amounts of information.

Classrooms Online Brand Identity

An online platform which helps companies achieve their growth potential demanded a contemporary design, to reflect its high level of services but also its friendliness.

Q8 Capital Identity

A first category investment business company wanted a brand identity to express the power of financial development

Träger Identity

Professional fixing tools. A whole new brand identity. A high precision challenge.

Kitchenware Brand Identity

An award-winning design studio, also a manufacturer of luxury kitchen gadgets, wanted a new identity. We’ve synthetized its essence and went on the modern route.

Kira Floorings Brand Identity

When a company defined by craftsmanship and passion for design asked us to create its brand identity, all we could think was solid wood floorings and decking. This helped us create a functional and consistent story.

Alpha 3.23 Tactical Gear

A select tactical gear company ordered us an identity that would represent its power and dynamic force. We created it around its main trait: precision.

Education International Identity

This time we had to create the brand identity and the website for a special foundation that finances educational programs for children coming from underprivileged areas, from all over the world.

Custom Font Design

We are proud to make custom fonts that we later use in different design projects. We just love to do this. Just say the word, and we’ll create the font.

Area38 Video Production

A video and art direction company asked us for a sophisticated, yet approachable identity. Our answer was based on a visual metaphor.