Architecture Corporate Identity


Renokraft Partners is an architecture and interior design company which creates buildings and spaces that are poised between background and foreground, where the presence of architecture is in harmony with the forces of life. The minimal corporate identity uses sharp lines to provoke a sense of balance and proportions. This is supported by a font with angular elements which has an almost ‘runic’ aspect, working alongside the native German letters and glyphs. Simple and evocative text. A stark, minimal aesthetic.

RENOKRAFT Architecture

Corporate Identity, Website Design

Architecture Corporate Identity Logo
Corporate Identity for Architecture Company

This architecture corporate identity is using the premise of a dialogue between interior and exterior space. This led to the emerge of the Monogram “R” which depicts a structure with an opening (could be a door, as well as a window). The unconventional negative space in the logo, conveys an innovative approach of the designs made by Renokraft architects.