Custom Font Design

We are proud to make custom fonts that we later use in different design projects. We just love to do this. Just say the word, and we’ll create the font.



We simply love to create custom fonts that we can use in identity design projects which make us proud. Please contact us if you wish to try these fonts for any of your projects, just make sure to send us the results!

Monologic type system

Geometric font from squares & semicircles, modern letters, tile modular alphabet. Display font, lower and uppercase letters, vector set.


Calpam type system

The Calpam Raw typeface is based on the visual interaction between type and medium in athletic sports.

Available upon request.

Frosch Type System

This font is based on the square and its role in a system.

Weights: 1Medium




68 Comeback type system

 The typeface was initialy developed as a display font.

Weights: Thin, Regular, Bold, Outline

Available upon request

Eraser type system

Eraser is a geometric monospace sans-serif, beeing  used as ordinary lowercase letters. The font has more than 36 special ligatures: compound glyphs containing abbreviations of both imperial and metric measurement units.

Coming Soon