Human Kinetics/ Physical & Health Education Identity


Human Kinetics is a mobile application featuring a complete system that integrates the best coaching and training plans, designed by professionals for professionals, to help them increase their wellness, recovery and performance.

Basically, a latest hour app for athletes of all sorts, who want to enhance their abilities.

When trying to express performance, most designers would highlight speed. We went deeper inside the brand essence and create an unconventional logotype, inspired by the curves and shapes of the human body. We synthesized the whole concept of motion, in one word: HUMAN.

Human Kinetics

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity Digital Design

The slightly transparent H, followed by white, curved letters, that visually resemble body parts and body positions, has a very strong visual impact. It stands in perfect balance with the other half of the logotype, the word “kinetics”, for which we chose a simple, sans serif font.

This logotype, placed on a fresh and unexpected color pallet, make the brand instantly recognizable.