Alpha 3.23 Tactical Gear


Alpha 3.23 is a tactical gear & military surplus brand for a select few. Its owner, a former SAS member, named it after one of his top-secret missions.

As a soldier for the French SAS, he had to rely a lot upon equipment. Each component was vital to the operation, whether it was a parachute mission in a warzone or a covert rescue. After retiring from the taskforce, he decided to create and sell top gear for both military and airsoft aficionados.



Alpha 3.23 Tactical Gear

Brand Identity, Website Design

Alpha 3.23 commissioned us to create their tactical gear brand identity that would represent precision and dynamic force. We were fortunate enough to start building over a strong name (Alpha – “the first”, “the leader” in Greek language).

Since most of the equipment is designed for shooting, we thought that precision is the winning concept. Thus came the logo icon, which is an abstracted arrow or bullet, as you may want to call it.

The rest of the digital design materials are also of military inspiration, but in a contemporary and business-like manner, from font (Neubau International) to the last mobile optimized layout.