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Trager is a company of specialists in nails, bolts, electric screwdrivers and whatever else you may need for fixing with great precision. They asked us to create a whole new brand identity – simple and easy to recognize, well measured and consistent, just like the brand itself.

As usual, we started from the core. Thus, a logotype featuring the Replica font was the obvious choice: its angular edges of R and A, strongly remind us of bolts and nails.

Träger Ltd.

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The font has angular edges in its caps form, while sporting a handcrafted yet rigorous look in paragraphs and body text. The whole identity gravitates around the brand logotype.

The bright yellow, uncoated boards and a white foil finish, provide a vibrancy and high quality in print. When creating the Träger tools brand identity we paid great attention to typography, letter and line spacing. Underlines, dividing lines and containers for images, drawn proportionally, find a balance between functionality, flexibility and minimalism.