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yahoo Logo Design

The main concept behind Yahoo! was born when its founders Jerry Yang and David Filo initiated a guide on their personal interests. The world wide success of the company was based on its goal to “connect people to their passions, their communities, and the world’s knowledge” and the careful nurturing of its brand identity. In 1995 Yahoo! developed into a corporation and decided to express through the logo the company’s idea and mission. The word “Yahoo” stands for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle” but it also means rude, vulgar and unsophisticated and the two students loved the idea. The red colour used for the Yahoo logo, also complimented the yahoo’s definition. The former version of the logo has now been revised into a purple colored icon with variations that include Y!Bang logo and white logo.

yamaha Logo Design

This global Japanese company manufactures and sells a range of products including motorcycles, boats and boat engines, snow mobile and golf karts, and music instruments and audio equipment, as well as robots and computers. The business was created in 1887 in Hamamatsu, Japan. When it was first opened, Yamaha initially repaired musical instruments prior to manufacturing its own organs in 1889. Further on from this, the company created “Nippon Gakki Seizo Kabushiki Kaisha” which literally translated to “Japanese music instruments corporation.” The logo of the company is representative of a light that has three crossed tuning forks. This is indicative of inventor Torakusu Yamaha’s restoration of musical instruments.

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