Founded 15 years ago, Logoorange is a branding design studio with a renowned reputation for providing creative solutions.

about Logoorange

We create contemporary brand identities, packaging solutions and digital experiences for various premium brands, from start-ups to global businesses. 
To us, corporate branding is a constant process of re-invention, with a mix of experience and limitless imagination. We stir emotions, we dig deep into the brand’s essence and finally, we come up with a unique identity design

we provide the following services:

Logo Design
We create simple, memorable and timeless logo designs, that make the brand instantly recognizable, while directly communicating its values.

Brand Guidelines
We’ve developed well-defined print and digital brand guidelines for premium brands, manuals that create a cohesive look across all media channels.

Brand Identity
We help our clients to set themselves apart from competition and we create unique brand experiences. Our brand creation process in based on powerful storytelling.

Corporate Identity
We measure up the challenge. We tailor the concept. We combine the visual and the verbal with the typo and the video and finally, we create a company’s image that reflects its success.