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wella Logo Design

Wella really came into play as its own brand in 2003, when Procter & Gamble took control of these world famous and highly successful manufacturers of hair care products, who had been around since 1971. In addition, Wella also manufactured hair curling devices and hair dryers, and as such, the logo was developed to represent a woman blowing her hair.

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wilkinson Logo Design

The image used by this company dates back to the year 1772, when the sword maker Henry Nock of London opened a small business. The business was taken over in 1805 by Nock’s son-in-law James Wilkinson. The company was eventually renamed in 1887 as the “The Wilkinson Sword Company.” Initially the company was set up to manufacture everything from typewriters to bicycles and motorcycles, prior to moving in to the electric shaver in 1898. The logo we see to the left goes all the way back to the heart and founder of the company – Nock – who was a sword maker. In addition, it still maintains its relevancy on the basis of the company’s continued efforts in manufacturing and selling razor-blades and razors.

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This logo has changed significantly several times since its inception in 1913, when the tobacco company was first opened and operated by Richard Reynold. Reynold had previous experience in the industry as he had on a tobacco farm owned by his father in Virginia between 1874 and 1895. and smoker of tobacco, and owner of the business, Reynold transported between two local towns, one of which regularly hosted a roaming circus Bailey. Hence the Camel logo was born, from Reynolds’ love of the circus nearby town.free logo download eps