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Adidas Logo Design & Identity

In 1924 the Humphrey Brothers created a sporting and clothing manufacturing firm along with a logo depicting a double diamond, which was directly representative of the two founders Harold and Wallace Humphrey.

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uncle bens Logo Design

In 1943 the American company Converted Rice Inc. from Houston, sold and transported high-quality rice. The label and logo name were based on the local farmer Uncle Ben, whose rice plants in the area around Houston were tended with great love and care in order to produce such a high-quality product. The label and logo however, is based on a fictitious picture of Uncle Ben, as no authentic picture or photo was ever taken of the legendary rice grower.

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unity symbol

This logo was taken from one of the oldest but most common symbols. The image represents the two symbols Mars (meaning masculinity or War God) and Venus (meaning femininity or Dear Goddess), which was first used in about 450 B.C., according to Greek mythology. Even today this image is still used and shows the link between man and woman. In more recent and modern times the two symbols have been linked together to show the unity between two or more people in a business environment. The symbol of unity demonstrates love, confidence, loyalty and solidarity.

ups logo

The very first iteration of this logo for this famous and reputable express delivery service was developed 1919. This first version pictured an eagle containing a package in its claws. Eighteen years after this date, the logo was altered for the very first time. At to a shield with the three initials of the business name. In 1961 logo designer Paul Rand created a new logo in line with this new abbreviated name. The logo was again redesigned in 2002/2003 by FutureBrand and the new 3D look was placed on a brown surface of a shield.