logo design history

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Electrolux Group is selling today more than 40 million products to clients in 150 countries annually.Launched in 1910 as Elektromekaniska AB, Electrolux changed its name nine years later as a result of merging with Lux AB.The merger provided important production units in AlingsÃ¥s (food service equipment) and Mariestad (compressor refrigerators) among others.The capacity of the central laboratory on Lilla Essingen increased. A contest was held in Switzerland and it involved a great deal of graphic design expertise.Carlo L. Vivarelli won the competition with his “Sun/globe concave/convex” which was best-loved by the Elecxtrolux representatives. The new ident was viewed as an attractive, original design featuring all the attributes required to ensure high quality identification. The result of a study regarding the Electrolux logo’s identification value, showed that the trademark no longer met the day’s requirements on a visual identity. Most people were not able to describe their impressions after seeing the logo nor could they remember its basic features. A new trademark and corporate symbol should be designed to communicate the company’s products more effectively. During the year 1963, the company founded a design department led by Hugo Lindström

The name on the Erdal logo comes from the location of the manufacturing plant, based in Erthalstrasse. The second part of the company’s name comes from the Latin word “rex,” The logo here depicts a frog king and a bright shining star, based on the company’s intention to never forget from where it has come.