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tchibo Logo Design

This internationally renowned brand was created in 1949 by Carl Tchilling Hiryan, who initially sent a parcel of roasted coffee beans through the post to a customer. Following on from quick success, between 1995 through to now, the business has more than 850 sales branches where coffee products are offered for sale. The logo and business name is abbreviated from “Tchilling Hiryan” and the word “bean” – making the word “Tchibo.”

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Texaco Logo Design

Texaco is an American oil retail brand that provides quality gasoline and is a leader in the market in performance. Texaco is known today as one of the most iconic brands around the globe. The company’s original five-pointed star logo design was created in 1903. The first trademarked logo, designed in 1909, featured a red star (a reference to the lone star of Texas), leading to the advertising jingles “You can trust your car to the man who wears the star”, and a green T which all over the world, means superior quality. The Star Symbol and Texaco Logotype are Texaco’s major retail brand identifiers. The trademarked logo design was created by Romeo Miglietta who based his design on the colors that embellished the Italian flag. The Texaco logo was updated in 1913 and a 42-inch double-faced sign was introduced. In 1963, with the launching of the company’s first corporate identification system, the circle was replaced by a hexagon. The company introduced the streamlined star symbol in 1981 along with the new System 2000 stations. Texaco updated its corporate identity in 2000, after deciding that the star symbol no longer needed the wording Texaco below it.

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texas instruments logo design

This company was first created in 1930 by John Clarence “Doc” Karcher and Eugene McDermott. It was created to serve as a geographical service that used Seismology. Over time, the focus of the company moved to the production of transistors and other instruments, which is why the company became Texas Instruments in 1951. The logo depicts the outline of the State of Texas, and an outline of the initials of the company’s name.

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Three M Business Identity

This innovative and ground-breaking American company was the brain child of five successful business men in 1902. The men initially formed the “Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co.” and, when mining showed little promise of offering them a return, they looked for further opportunities. After stumbling around looking for new products potential one of the owners coincidentally came about the idea of sandpaper. Other ingenious ideas by this company include Scotch tape and Post-it notes.Some say that ‘simple is smart.’ That’s been one of the keys to the success of the 3M logo. 3M Red is a bold, vibrant color that makes the logo recognizable and unforgettable. Trough the time the 3M logo has gained awareness and familiarity in every corner of the world; it has become a symbol for innovative, trustworthy products and services. But it wasn’t always that simple. The three “M”s come from the “Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company.” Through the first 50 years of the company’s life, logos transformed rapidly. The first appeared in 1906. Its design was complex: The company’s full name and its headquarters (Duluth, Minn.) surrounded a diamond containing the term “3M Co.” After this version the logo went through many changes in some cases, the oval being completely abandoned for a plain stand- alone 3M. An important phase in 3M logo evolution began in the 60’s when the company hired Gerald Stahl & Associates, a New York design firm, to create a definitive logo that would connect the corporation and all its business units under a single sign. The result was a boxy, 3M with a distinctly industrial look. Things changed in the 70’s as the company’s focus were no longer the industrial abrasives and tapes but products for commercial and consumer markets. The result was the new 3M logo ‘simple and smart’: red 3 and M touching one another. The new, vibrant logo caught on like wildfire.

thyssenkrupp Logo

The current day logo of ThyssenKrupp represents the merger of the two steel dynasties of the families Krupp and Thyssen. During 1811, the two partners built a factory for casting steel of English quality. They worked together and independently, including in 1871 when Thyssen left the business, in order to produce strap iron work. After many years and turbulent times including the Second World War, both companies continued to work together. A new logo was introduced in 1920 and was based on a circle, polygon and letter combinations. From the initial letter a “subtle T” was developed to combine with the traditional characters of the two businesses that had merged. Discussions of the managers in 1976 saw the introduction of a new logo that contained the Rhine steel elbow that you see now. This was designed to be used as a uniform symbol for the entire business and was deemed to be the “yellow signature.” As the business progressed, the “yellow signature” was replaced “by the blue signature” but the colors of blue and yellow were selected as the corporate colors for the business. Introduced in 1875, the three rings represent the time that Alfred Krupps invented the forged and rolled railway wheel tire, which was patented and trade marked in 1853 in Prussia. The manufacture involved three layers positioned on top of each other. The law around trademark protection in 1874 gave Krupp the permission to develop its own logo at which time a selection of drafts were made. Hence this three ring character in a pyramid shape is interpreted as wheel tires of railway wheels and was first used in 1875. 1994 saw the end of the logo in its original form, and at that point a more modern version using black rings came into play. This new logo is not intended to replace but instead combine all of the previous facets of the logo in all its iterations. All employees of the company were recently asked to make suggestions for the development of the logo and more than 5,000 suggestions were supplied. This gave the company a strong indication of the level of commitment from its workforce.

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toyota Logo

The Toyota logo, like the company, is widely recognized for its originality and simplicity. It has become a symbol of pioneering automotive and non-automotive products and services. The Toyota logo bears a meaningful visual identity with strong visual impact. It symbolizes the energetic transition of the company from a family business to the expansion of a worldwide company. In 1936, when Toyoda Automatic Loom Works Ltd. was launching its first passenger car, it needed a new trademark to celebrate the launch. For that purpose, a competition was held to establish a logo that would promote the company’s vehicles. The design requirement of the company was to create something that will express ‘the feeling of speed’. Thus, the winning logo resulted in the change of the name from ‘Toyoda’ to ‘Toyota’. This was as the Japanese lettering of ‘Toyota’ gave the logo a smooth look and was also chosen because in the Japanese word ‘Toyota’ (eight) was considered to bring luck and prosperity. Although no longer used on products, the original Toyota logo is still used as the company’s emblem. The current Toyota logo consists of three ovals: two perpendicular center ovals making a stylized “T” for Toyota and one around them symbolizing the global expansion of Toyota’s technology and unlimited potential for the future.

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trumf  logo

This well known brand dates back to the year 1923, when Christian Trumpf and two of his business partners opened a mechanical workshop. Over the years this business grew in spades. In 1948 they opted to use the surname of one of the owners along with a spade from a deck of cards to build their brand.