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Mae B. Logo

This logo was created in 2003 for the erotic chain Beate Uhse – Mae B. . In line with this, the logo depicts the Ying Yang symbol, which represents the softness and tenderness of the female and the hardness and toughness of the male. Because they are joined together in bold strong colors, the logo serves to illustrate the two sexes coming together in unity and passion.

maseratti logo

This logo was first used in 1914 in Bologna and was created by the Societa Anonima Officine Alfieri Maserati, a key part of the Fiat organization. The representation of this logo is the image of the rose, which is located in the hometown of the founding family – the Maserati family.

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McDonalds is the largest and best-known chain of fast-food restaurants in the world. With more than 23,000 restaurants in over 100 countries, their global market potential is enormous. The golden arches of the McDonalds “M” are one of the strongest and most recognizable logos of our day. The simplicity of this M and the traditional red and yellow colors used, have become the most famous business traits in the world. Normally the word “McDonalds” sits next to the “M” or the “M” is used on its own. The Golden Arches logo was created by Jim Schindler in 1962 to look like new arch shaped signs on the sides of the restaurants. He merged the two golden arches together to form the famous ‘M’ now recognized all over the world. This logo is not just an “M” for McDonalds. They called the logo Golden arches firstly, to input the idea that owning one McDonalds franchise is like having a gold mine. Secondly, the arches symbolize a place to hide under, to escape. The protection of the “golden arches” is where one should have their “break”. Along with Coca-Cola and Nike logos, McDonalds logo have been seen more broadly as a symbol of capitalism or globalization, since they are the most famous American corporation to go global on a grand scale.

Alfa Romeo Corporate Brand Identity

This logo is the official branding of the Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili, which is designed to directly represent the family coat of arms of the Visconti, one of the most influential and respected families out of Milan. free logo download eps

Meissen Logo

The King of Poland commissioned pharmacist assistant and gold maker Johann Friedrich Boettger to create and maintain a secret manufacturing process for porcelain in order to avoid purchasing expensive china and porcelain from China and placing white gold on it. He worked on this with physicist and mathematician Ehrenfried Walter von Tschirnhaus. Three years later they established porcelain manufacturer Meissen. In line with this, in 1722 manufacturing supervisor Johann Melchior recommended that the “crossed swords,” be used as a mark for the porcelain but also a branding logo so the King would realize the porcelain was authentic.

Mercedes Benz logo

This logo uses the symbol of points that head out in three different directions, which is used to represent the concept of Gottfied Daimler, which manufactures a range of transport movers that work effectively across air, water and land. The color silver is very typical of the Mercedes Benz brand and dates back to its involvement in the very first Grand Prix, which ran at Nuerburgring in 1934. When one of the cars exceeded its eligible weight for the race in the pre-race checks, the officials spent the night polishing off the paint so that the car was back to its raw silver color. The following day as the car ran around the track it shone a beautiful silver color and was termed the “silver arrow.”

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Michelin Logo

This company, one of the world’s most well known tire manufacturers, was first created in 1832 by Nicolas Edouard Daubree and his cousin. Initially, the company manufactured two agricultural pieces of equipment, starting in 1840, but then as a result of the creation of permanent rubber by Charles Goodyear in 1839, the company began to move into the manufacture of a range of other products including drive belts, seals and conveyors. When the two founders passed away, the two brothers Andre and Edouard Michelin took over the company and renamed it “Michelin” in 1889. In 1891 they expanded operations to include air-filled bicycle tires and in 1895 broke new ground by introducing similar air-filled rubber tires for cars. The concept of the tire man was an inspiration of Edourd when he saw a pile of stacked tires which looked like the shape of a human. In line with the changes in the industry where tires have changed and evolved over time, so too are the tires of varying sizes on the tire man. Initially the tire man consisted of 11 elements, but now he only exists in four elements and is widely used on posters, television commercials and signage.

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Founded in 1975, Microsoft Inc. is known worldwide for inventing and providing products such as Office, Xbox, Windows, etc. Its logo has been designed to symbolize the company’s pursuits within advanced technology. The Microsoft logo is the ultimate example of “style meets simplicity”. The logo perfectly evinces the company’s mission of offering high quality products to its customers with its simple typeface and potent slogan. Both the Microsoft logo and the company have become synonymous with innovative ideas and latest computer technologies. The 2nd version of the Microsoft logo was fea fanciful lettered O in it. The current official Microsoft logo created by Scott Baker has been adopted in 1987. Designed in Helvetica italic typeface, the new logo had a slash between the o and s and featured the slogan ” Where do you want to go today?” Microsoft logo as of 2006 changed its tagline below the main corporate name into “Your potential. Our passion.” In spite of the major critical transformations the Microsoft logo has suffered over the decades, its main message has remained largely unaffected.

The first logo you see was developed in the 1950’s. However it was not very successful because the owners soon realized that they were competing with a proliferation of red and yellow logos in gas stations across the country. As such they decided to change their logo so that it would be more prominent against a sea of standard style logos. The new logo was first used in 1989, developed by designer Hartmut C Andresen. In this new design he used an M to represent a sun dial in a similar vein to that of the comic style logo that was used in the era of superheroes like Superman and Batman. The combination of magenta and violet was used because they offer the feeling of strength and trust (similarly purple is used by the church to symbolize strength and trust.) The new logo worked very successfully and converted into a sales increase of more than 30% with a gross income of 3.5 billion DM. In 1997 and 1998 the company was taken over and the logo is no longer seen around the world.

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Mitsubishi Logo

The logo for this successful worldwide Japanese automobile manufacturer is made up of three points that symbolize responsibility/trust, probity/integrity/ethics and communication/openness. The logo is based on the merger of two age-old Japanese dynasties who used a coat of arms with three similar diamond patterns. In addition the name Mitsubishi also translates to “three Rhomden” and in line with its link to the dynasties, means “three diamonds”.

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Mobil Oil Logo

This company, owned by three businessmen, Claus Johannes Voss, Christian Lausen and William Dziambor, in 1910, created the name after inspiration from the “Montblanc” mountain, which is the largest European mountain in France. They then developed a logo in 1913 and used a small circle-based design to depict the snow-covered tip of the mountain and the fine quality of the pens they manufacture.

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One of the Chermayeff & Geismar’s most far-reaching corporate design programs was for Mobil Oil, a multinational corporation operating in over a hundred countries. The trademark, executed in an elemental geometric sans serif typeface, is the ultimate in simplicity. The word ”Mobil” is executed in five vertical strokes, the angle of the ”M”, and two circles. The name became the trademark, with the round, red ”O” separating this word from the visual presentation of other words. This emphasis on the circle is projected as a visual theme throughout the identification program and in the design of Mobil gas stations.

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aunched on August 1, 1981, MTV is an American cable television network established by Warner AmEx and based in New York City. Today, MTV broadcasts a variety of youth culture, pop culture and reality tv shows aimed at young adults and adolescents. The original MTV emblem had the visual aspect of a badly executed Polaroid shot of a hand holding a ripe tomato which was supposed to be a musical note. However, this logo never came to see the light of day. Creating a channel, network or corporate identity is both a ruthless and subtle thing. MTV gives a perfect example of a flawless marketing game obtained by breaking all the rules. In May 1980, Fred Seibert hired Frank Olinsky a longtime friend of his, along with his team at Manhattan Design. Their task was to provide visual identity to Warner’s planned pop and rock basic cable channel. After deciding that the Polaroid sent by Manhattan Design unified with “The Music Channel” wording was a complete disaster, the design crew began to play around with just the letters MTV and created the flexible innovative design that still stands today. The ‘M’ was build out of polka dots, wooden strips, red bricks, zebra stripes and even the yellow-and-black of a Checker Cab. Olinsky left ‘M’ open for alteration without altering the identity itself. Music is always changing and the Manhattan Design created a logo made for change.