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The logo for this popular and well known alcoholic beverage dates back to the days of noble gentlemen, hunters and, later, holy Hubertus, and is based upon the legend of Hubertus as written by Father Diethard H. Klein. This legendary tale talks about the hunters warnings to not hunt in the forest and the meadows and the fate that he suffers when he meets with the animal. The animal turns and faces him and hunter sees before him a cross placed above the antlers, with the animal offering the hunter forgiveness so that it may be set free.

This brand represents the fine quality manufacture of cars PAG that were created and operated by the two founding co-owners Bill Walmsley and William Lyons in the historic and famous English seaside resort of Blackpool, where many cars were initially made to showcase in motorcycle side car parades for friends and family. In 1922 the company created the Swallow Sidecar Company, which manufactured side cars and other small vehicles. Then in 1931, they began to install engines and chassis into sporty type bodies and called these vehicles S.S. which was an abbreviation for “Standard Swallow.” Following on from this in the 1930s, they then began to build engines and chassis. The professional “Jaguar” logo design was seen for the very first time in 1935 and was used on the first new style of sedan that was produced at the time – known as the S.S. 100 Jaguar. The SS abbreviation has continued in the naming of the Jaguars through to recent times, as the use of the Jaguar image.

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The first production Jeep made its original debut in 1941 for military duty. Jeep vehicles have later on built their reputation as the world’s benchmark for off-road versatility and capability for military and civilian vehicles. The current Jeep logo is a representation of the front of the vehicle. The logo comprises two circles representing the vertical bars and headlights symbolizing the grille in the front of the Wrangler, the icon of the Jeep brand. The closest resemblance to a logo came out in 1963 in the center of Wagoneer and Gladiator steering and hubcaps wheels. This logo comprised a circle with two red quarters, two gold quarters, and the word “Jeep” across the middle. The origin of the term “jeep” remains a mystery. Popular opinion deems that Jeep comes from “GP” which stands for General Purpose; another theory holds that the origin is a reference to a character from Popeye. An interesting thing about the Jeep logo is that it never appears on the car itself. The vehicle just has the “Jeep” name on it. The logo design is mainly used for marketing and advertising purposes.

At 15 years of age, a young and enthusiastic John Walker began to blend whisky of a fine quality in the front of his mother’s shop in a small town called Kilmarnock. He continued this for some time and when he eventually passed away in 1857 this whisky was the most well-known whisky in the west of Scotland. His son Alexander protected the whisky until 1867 and moved to also protect the name of “old Highland Whisky”. Further to this, his brother George introduced the “talk label” and “Black label” products and searched for appropriate logos that would match the high quality of the products. George met over lunch with Cartoonist Tom Browne, and the two men created the concept of the walking man, Walker then added in the branding sentence “Founded 1820 – Still Going Strong.” It is believed that this sketch is based on a caricature of John Walker although that has been the subject of some contention in the media. Nevertheless, the professional design developed by Browne was so well accepted by Alexander and George that they added in the phrases “Johnny Walker – Keep on Walking”. Iterations of this theme continue to be used today.

This company is the most famous clock maker based in Germany, as a result of its world class innovations in clock manufacturing and time keeping. In 1861, Von Erhard, Franz Xaver and Hansin Schramberg in Scharzwald began production for clock parts. The parts side of the business proceeded to grow so rapidly and so successfully that the brother then decided to commence production of clocks of a superior quality and class. They began this production in 1866 under the branding of “Junghans.” Some 25 years later, that brother created the logo which we see to the left, which depicts a time gear wheel and the name of the company. This logo has virtually stood unchanged for all this time.

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