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Danone logo design

In the early 1990’s, BSN Gervais Danone renamed the French company Danone and changed its logo to reflect its plans for global expansion. The logo itself is centered around the strong historical basis of “Danone” the place, and the central values of the company including purity and naturalness. The logo depicts in its center a young boy looking up at a star in the sky. This young figure is actually a representation of Daniel, who was the son of Isaac Carasso, who originally founded the Danone Corporation.

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DC Comics Logo Design

DC Comics is a division of Warner Brothers Entertainment and an American comic book. The initials “DC” stood originally for the company’s title Detective Comics, and later became the official name. The first DC Comics logo was introduced in 1940. The small logo read simply, “A DC Publication”. The November 1941 DC titles brought out a new version, which was the first DC logo to have a white background. By November 1949, the circular logo was updated to comprise the company’s formal name – National Comics Publications. DC Comics decided to retire the circular emblem in October 1970 in favor of a simple “DC” in a rectangle with the star of the book or the name of the title. The initials “DC” appeared in a block-like typeface that would remain through later logo revisions. However, in 2005 the publisher of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman decided to replace the old, flat, four-star bullet logo that has been on the covers of DC Comics since the mid-1970’s. The new logo – “DC” letters against a Saturn-like ring in a dimensional rendering, with a single star – obsolesces the longstanding, Milton Glaser-designed icon. The move was considered “part face lift and part marketing strategy.” The first comic book with the new symbol came out in stores on May 25, 2005.

One of the most widely used and accepted skin care brands in the world, Unilever first developed its products to aid military personnel in the 1950s. At that time the Navy needed soap and other detergents to assist with cleansing from the agents’ inconstant sea water and sand exposure, which usually hardened and dried out the skin. When the soap became more popular, the company decided in 1957 to turn it into a commercially available product, and began to sell it under the brand of Dove. The Dove was used to represent a pigeon or peace pigeon in honor and memory of its original purpose for which it was first manufactured.

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Dr. Oetker logo

This pharmacy was the dream of young pharmacist Dr. August Oetker in 1891, who worked long into the night to find cures for people for a variety of ailments. Thanks to his ongoing and committed research, he discovered how baking powder in sped up the process of baking and cooking breads and other delicious goods. By placing just a small amount in a bag, he realized he could use the baking powder to speed up baking, and with ongoing testing he realized success after success. The head depicted in the logo is used to highlight the marketing phrase that was initially used in the consumer marketing for the baking powder: “a bright head is one that uses Dr. Oetker’s baking powder.” The red-white silhouette is a depiction of the daughter of a commercial artist, and has remained on the packaging for the products until today. This logo is representative of the high quality that is found in the baking powder product since its original creation all those years ago.