What you need is a cohesive message, appropriate materials,
and attending to details. Understanding correctly the company’s
target, products, branding and other intangibles will help convey
the correct feel of the business. Sure, the key to a good logo
design lies in the right skills and vision of the designer but creating
the right logo concept often boils down to translating the essence
of the business into the simplest of terms.

recent logo design samples:

Logo design and corporate identity are always a challenge for
the designer as well as the for customer. You both desire to
ensure (that) the final logo accurately reflects the core
focus of the company.

Logos must look exactly the same on business cards and company letterhead
as they do on water bottles, T-shirts, billboards or on the Web. They need to be
as visually appealing in full color as they are in black-and-white. Using colors
appropriately will help users associate companies solely by their color.
Designing for usability, simplicity and effectiveness are crucial in the logo design

Once you created a concept to go forward, you can can now get emotional
and subjective. An effective logo design should appeal to your customer’s
emotions, sell a lifestyle, and engrave itself within your mind/and give the
company a recognizable personality.