Q8 Capital/ Financial Corporate Branding


Part of Kuwait Petroleum International, Q8 Capital is licensed as a first category investment business company, certified by the Central Bank of Kuwait and is a closed joint stock company incorporated in Kuwait.

Considering its tagline “Signature for Growth!” as the core concept of this financial corporate identity, Logoorange developed a new image for Q8 Capital.


Q8 Capital

Corporate Identity, Website Design, Corporate Branding

For the icon, we featured three crossed oval shapes that have a “Q” and “8” resemblance. We appealed to a powerful structure – an elongated shape – that reinforces the ideas of life, growth, richness.

We continued with creating a new brand manual, developed around the logotype, including distinctive imagery, which became a key part of the corporate identity. Logoorange also supported internal and external branding, a modern website design and various printed materials.